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Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 7/8/2019
YMCA, Acupuncture, St. Luke's Healthy Steps 5K

How the YMCA supports and brings together our community; Ashley takes a stab at acupuncture; a story of success through the St. Luke's Weight Management Center; and a young volunteer helping out with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Episode 6 Segments
The Greater Valley YMCA is a volunteer-led, nonprofit, community organization that is committed to changing lives every day. The Y brings people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds to form a collaborative community that everyone can participate in.
Oftentimes, pairing traditional medicine with other treatments will work in tandem to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Restoring balance and improving health is top of mind at The Restoration Space.
St. Luke's Healthy Steps 5K 2019
St. Luke’s Medical Weight Management Center is fully staffed with a comprehensive team of health care professionals from multiple disciplines devoted to helping you lose weight and keep it off.
Volunteer Spotlight - Dave Meyers
Meet Dave Meyers, volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation after his two cousins were diagnosed with CF, Dave has committed himself to giving back and helping raise awareness for the disease. Keep watching to hear more of Dave's story. 
Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 7/1/2019
Red Door Early Learning Center, American Hairlines Makeover, St. Luke's Vascular Center

An early learning center advancing children on their educational journey; a local college student gets a makeover by American Hairlines; St. Luke’s Allentown campus creates a vascular center of excellence; and a volunteer who has made a big impact.

Episode 5 Segments
Red Door Early Learning Center
Red Door Early Learning Center is a private academic institution devoted to advancing every child on their educational journey. With a loving environment and highly qualified teachers, Red Door teaches children at an individual pace while encouraging creativity, imagination and inspiration.
American Hairlines Makeover - Kayla

A makeover is an instant confidence-booster, especially for those just entering the workforce or a new phase of life. American Hairlines' professional stylists prove that an updated hairstyle and professional makeup offer a large dose of self-assurance needed to face what life throws our way!

St. Luke's Vascular Center
Check out St. Luke's University Health Network Allentown Vascular Center! The site offers a variety of services to help improve its patients vascular health.
Volunteer Spotlight - Emily Conners

Emily Conners spends her time volunteering at Lehigh Valley Summerbridge, a non-profit program enriching low-income students on their pathway to become a college student. Check out how Emily enjoys her time with the students and staff.

Episode 4 - Originally Aired: 6/24/2019
United Way's TeenWorks, Sagra Beans, St. Luke's OMS

How the United Way supports our youth; Ashley learns how to roast and brew her own cup of coffee; The Lehigh Valley’s largest oral surgery practice; and a volunteer who spends her time with children

Episode 4 Segments
United Way's TeenWorks
TeenWorks™ provides grants of up to $1,000 to teens and youth-based organizations looking to complete community service projects throughout the Lehigh Valley. Partnered with many labor leaders throughout the valley, this program gives teens and children the necessary skills to succeed in their future.
Sagra Beans

What's better than fresh coffee? We think it's learning how to brew your own cup! PEAK TV host, Ashley Russo, joins Sagra Beans owner, Robyn Cavallaro, transforming imported coffee beans into a delicious latte.

St. Luke's OMS
In addition to in-office oral and maxillofacial procedures, the doctors at St. Luke’s OMS are on staff and on call for facial trauma needs at St. Luke’s University Health Network. St. Luke’s OMS provides high quality, state of the art care in a gentle, safe and secure environment.
Volunteer Spotlight
Taylor Rezac began volunteering while in high school and continued in college at Cops n' Kids and has loved every second of it. Be sure to check out Rezac's experience at Cops n' Kids, as she has helped youths through the organization's programming.
Episode 3 - Originally Aired: 6/17/2019
Busy Bees, Rebels of Grundy City and St. Luke's Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Why pollinator health should matter to you; A SLUHN leader doing what he loves; how plastic surgery can help with a cancer diagnosis and a volunteer helping those who struggle with addiction.

Episode 3 Segments
Busy Bees
It's estimated that one-third of the food we consume each day relies on pollination, mainly done by bees. These little workers enhance our natural environment, creating a significant impact that most of us don't know about.
Rebels of Grundy City
On the surface, Bill Moyer is the West Regional President at St. Luke's University Health Network - no small feat. But explore a little deeper and there's more to this rockstar. To de-stress and have fun, Moyer releases his inner bad boy as a guitarist for the rock band, Rebels of Grundy City.
St. Luke's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

After finding a tumor on his tongue, Thomas turned to St. Luke's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for immediate and compassionate care. Check out this amazing story to learn about the ingenious care Thomas received.

Volunteer Spotlight
Hope Against Heroin was founded to help young people struggling with the many barriers caused by a heroin addiction. Going through these struggles with her son, Kim Hogan, spends countless hours helping others.