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Episode 3 - Originally Aired: 10/14/2012
Bariatric Surgery, Ball Class, Farmers Market, Laughing at My Nightmare
See amazing results from bariatric surgery, try a ball class for staying fit, visit a farmers market, and watch a story of strength and courage while facing physical constraints.  

Episode 3 Segments
Bariatric Surgery
Surgery for weight loss is a big step, but it can be life-changing!  Learn about the Bariatric Center at St. Luke's University Health Network.
Ball Class
Learn how to strengthen your core through ball exercises.
Steel Stacks Farmers Market
Visit SteelStacks Farmers Market and learn about the benefits of eating fresh produce and supporting local small businesses.
Episode 2 - Originally Aired: 10/7/2012
Pain Management, Personal Trainers, Billy's Downtown Diner, Equi-librium
Learn about a revolutionary procedure to help manage pain, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer, in the kitchen at Billy's Downtown Diner, and take a look at horse therapy.

Episode 2 Segments
Pain Management
Living with pain can become a thing of the past with this brand new procedure at St. Luke's University Health Network.
The Benefits of Personal Trainers
Find out how a personal trainer can motivate you to be your best self!
Billy's Downtown Diner
Join chef Billy Kounoupis, owner of the famed Billy's Downtown Diner and Billy's Allentown Diner, as he shows us things or tow about healthy eating.
Find out about the amazing therapies offered by horses.
Episode 1 - Originally Aired: 7/16/2015

Episode 1 Segments
Episode 1 - Originally Aired: 9/30/2012
Lose Dose Radiation, Yoga Mom, Copperhead Grill and Girls on the Run
Explore groundbreaking cancer treatment, meet a mom at peace with the help of yoga, go behind the scenes at Copperhead Grille, and meet some young women... on the run!

Episode 1 Segments
Low Dose Radiation
Learn about the benefits of Low Dose Radiation treatment for cancer at St. Luke's University Health Network.
Yoga Mom
Watch as one mom find peace and serenity in her busy life through yoga.
Copperhead Grille
Join us as we explore healthy eating at Copperhead Grille!
Girls on the Run
Get inspired by young women working towards a 5K with their mentors!