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Episode 2 - Originally Aired: 2/19/2017
A Path to Victory, Exploring American Industry, Finding Your Courage
On this week's episode, learn about a special place helping homeless men find their path; visit a museum sharing the history of American industry; watch as the arts, conservation, and patient care come together; our champion volunteer of the week!

Episode 2 Segments
A Path to Victory
Transforming lives one day at a time! Victory House of the Lehigh Valley is a community-based organization providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling services, and educational resources to homeless men - veterans and non-veterans - moving toward self-sufficient living.
Exploring American Industry
Forging a connection between America's industrial past and the innovations of today, the National Museum of Industrial History explores the role of industry in America's growth as a global power. Co-host, Mike Mittman, takes us on a private tour of the brand new facility.  

Finding Your Courage
St. Luke's University Health Network teamed up with Wildlands Conservancy and Zoellner Arts Center for a fun day of geocaching with patients and their families! Joined by the Lion from the Wizard of Oz, the organizations highlighted the importance of COURAGE, and being a child first, and a patient second.
Volunteer Spotlight
This tough boxer has a soft heart! See why Jimmy Kelleher Jr. is so dedicated to giving back to TeenWorks, part of United Way's efforts to provide teens and youth grant money to complete community service projects throughout the Lehigh Valley!
Episode 1 - Originally Aired: 2/12/2017
SPIN, Liven Up!, Fighting Chronic Pain
On this week's episode, an organization helping those with disabilities enjoy inclusive, meaningful lives; a gym that makes your health and wellness a priority; a revolutionary neurological treatment to help manage pain; Emily meets a couple giving their time to new moms and their babies. 

Episode 1 Segments
Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, and to live a life full of possibilities. SPIN, Inc. develops each person's strengths, integrates them into the community, and creates a culture of inclusion and hope.
Liven Up!
Placing quality over quick fixes, Liven Up Health & Fitness partners with clients to change lifestyles for the better! Host Ashley Russo goes one-on-one with owners Whitney and Chris Carullo for a wellness evaluation and to learn more about this local facility.

Fighting Chronic Pain
Chronic pain prevents many from living a full life. DRG (dorsal root ganglion) Stimulation can provide relief from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. St. Luke's University Health Network neurosurgeon, Dr. Steven Falowski, explains breakthrough treatment, and Dr. Scott Loev, Medical Director of Pain Medicine at St. Luke's University Health Network joins us in studio. 
Volunteer Spotlight
Learn why volunteer couple Terese and Mike Cudwadie give back to Mary's Shelter, a maternity home offering pregnant women and newborns a safe, warm environment.