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Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 4/22/2018
Tails of Valor, Professional Makeovers, Hyperbaric Medicine
A program that trains rescue puppies to become service dogs for veterans in need; makeovers for entering the workforce; an advanced wound care alternative; and a volunteer giving back her time to the community.

Episode 6 Segments
Tails of Valor
Military men and women returning from war often face hardships such as PTSD or physical disabilities. Tails of Valor is a program that trains rescue puppies to become service dogs for veterans in need.
American Hairlines - Professional Makeovers
A makeover can definitely be a confidence-booster, especially for those just entering the workforce or heading back after taking a break. American Hairlines' stylists prove that an updated hairstyle and professional makeup can make all the difference!

Would Care/Hyperbaric Medicine (St. Luke's University Health Network)
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an advanced wound care alternative for many injuries and health conditions. This well-established therapy promotes healing and helps fight infection. St. Luke's plastic surgeon Dr. Lino Miele and wound care physician Dr. Steven Bowers detail how the treatment saved a patient's finger, while wound care clinical coordinator Tara Steiner discusses additional benefits.
Volunteer Spotlight
From soup kitchens to ArtsQuest, Rosa Velasquez has dedicated the past 10 years to volunteering and encourages others to give back!
Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 4/15/2018
YWCA Girls Golf Program, SeaPerch Robotics Program, Not Your Usual Athlete
A golf program teaching young girls valuable lessons on and off the field; an after school club for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls teaching STEM; a retired Bethlehem Steel worker who is not your usual athlete; and a volunteer working full circle in the NICU.

Episode 5 Segments
YWCA Girls Golf Program
The YWCA Girls Golf program offers young girls the opportunity to take lessons, make friends and build confidence. The program is geared toward girls 7-17 years of age and teaches them the fundamentals of the sport and life.s
SeaPerch Robotics Program
SeaPerch is a club for 7th and 8th grade students was implemented at Saucon Valley Middle school to highlight the importance of STEM education. This club aims to give students the opportunity to focus on advanced manufacturing and engineering concepts and to understand how these two worlds come together to build the workforce of the future.

Not Your Usual Athlete
Bob Limons, 91, drives from his retirement community to St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance Center in Allentown four times a week. Battling multiple conditions, the team at St. Luke’s designed a medically based workout designed specifically for him. With the help of John Graham and Brian Zarbatany at St. Luke's, Bob proves he is not your usual athlete. Carrie Fleckenstein joins us in studio to talk about healthy aging.
Volunteer Spotlight
This young aspiring nurse stayed in the St. Luke's Bethlehem NICU after birth, and now, 16 years later, she dedicates her free time to volunteering there.
Episode 4 - Originally Aired: 3/25/2018
Via of the Lehigh Valley, Star Treatments, St. Luke's Trauma Department
A program providing critical services for children and adults with disabilities; a special treatment providing luxury transportation to and from medical care for pediatric cancer patients; how St. Luke's Trauma Department treated a nasty spill; and a volunteer walking for a cause.

Episode 4 Segments
Via of the Lehigh Valley
Serving the community since 1952, Via of the Lehigh Valley provides critical services for children and adults with disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Via's services facilitate developmental and educational opportunities, as well as the personal choice of career, home, leisure and retirement.
Star Treatments
Having a child with cancer brings many challenges. Lending a helping hand, Star Treatments provides luxury transportation to and from medical care - giving them "star" treatment.

St. Luke's Trauma Department
After sustaining serious injuries, Richard was brought to St. Luke's Level I Trauma Center. The center is able to respond at a moment's notice to any and all types of life-threatening conditions. Trauma Medical Director, Dr. Peter Thomas, along with the skilled trauma team, saved Richard's life. Dr. James Cipolla, Chief, Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Emergency Surgery, explains the benefits of St. Luke's Level I Trauma Center to our region.
Volunteer Spotlight
After losing his mother to the disease, Todd Wendling began walking for Pancreatic Cancer Research, hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.
Episode 3 - Originally Aired: 3/18/2018
Catholic Charities, Jaindl Farms, St. Luke's NPH/Neurology
A group providing a critical safety net and support serviced for adults and children; a family owned and operated farm; a patient who discovers a neurological diagnosis; and a volunteer spreading joy and happiness during the holiday season.

Episode 3 Segments
Catholic Charities
Support, care, and compassion for those marginalized and in need are abundant at Catholic Charities. The group provides a critical safety net and ongoing support services for adults and children in the six counties of the Diocese of Allentown.
Jaindl Farms
The Jaindl family has owned and operated their farm in the Lehigh Valley for five generations. A true farm to table philosophy, nationally acclaimed Jaindl turkeys are fed farm-fresh feed from grains that are grown on 12,000 acres of prime farmland. 

NPH/Neurology (St. Luke's University Health Network)
Sometimes masking itself as symptoms attributed to the aging process, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) may often go undiagnosed. After an MRI confirming NPH, Clifford Queen found his way to St. Luke's Neurology services and Dr. Doron Rabin, who successfully alleviated Clifford's symptoms. St. Luke's NPH Center coordinator, Lauren Naravas, RN, joins us in-studio to discuss the condition and how proper detection and intervention is changing lives. 
Volunteer Spotlight
Inspired by the oath he took as a Marine, Marty Hacker has dedicated his time to Toys for Tots, seeking to spread and hope during the holiday season.