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Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 3/10/2013
Bethlehem Main Street, Bakery, Healthy Snacks
The GLVCC's Frank Facchiano sits down with Bethlehem Mayor, John Callahan, The PEAK TV visits Town Crier Bakery in Pedler's Village and learn about ways to have kids snack smarter.

Episode 7 Segments
Bethlehem Main Street
Join the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce On Every Main Street’s host, Frank Facchiano, as he sits down with Bethlehem Mayor, John Callahan, to discuss where this historic town has been and what’s in store for the future.
Don’t miss our first “business fitness” segment as The PEAK visits the Town Crier Bakery in Peddler’s Village and explores the basic principals of maintaining a thriving business!
Healthy Snacks
It’s 3:30 and the kids have just come home from a long, hard day at school.  You want to keep their energy up and offer them something nutritious to satisfy their hunger… allow St. Luke’s nutritionist, Judy Barkanic, to provide some helpful, easy recipes!
Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 3/3/2013
Neurology, WineKnow, Cancer Support Community
St. Luke's Center for Neurosciences gives support to patients and families, The PEAK goes wine tasting with Wine-Know, and explore the difference that the Cancer Support Community is making among cancer patients.

Episode 6 Segments
Dr. Bonnie Coyle, Director of Community Health at St. Luke University Health Network describes how St. Luke's Center for Neuroscience provides patients and their families with a support network - including therapy, nutrition, counseling. The Center for Neuroscience makes a commitment to offer support in a variety of areas such as balance, sleep disorders, memory problems, and many neurological illnesses. 
Eileen Budd of WineKnow Events joined us at the New World Aviation hanger to help celebrate the launch of The PEAK! Watch as we host our first studio audience and enjoy a wine tasting event with Eileen, Mike, Ashley and few of our studio guests.
Cancer Support Community
The Cancer Support Community offers hope through support and a variety of programs for patients to take advantage of. Programs include cooking classes, art therapy, and over 60 other activities at no cost to patients.
Episode 4 - Originally Aired: 2/10/2013
Bariatric Surgery, Pilates for Scoliosis, Chamber Foundation
Discover St. Luke's award winning bariatric surgery, learn about a way to eliminate symptoms of scoliosis and discover how The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Foundation was established!

Episode 4 Segments
Bariatric Surgery
The constant battle with weight loss is a problem for many people. After a lifetime of struggling to gain control of her weight, meet a woman who decided to make a change with the help of St. Luke’s award winning Bariatric Center.
Pilates for Scoliosis
Pilates is a physical fitness system developed to help build flexibility, strength and a strong core. Meet Pilates expert Stacey Redfield, of Physical Methods Studio, and learn how this form of exercise has changed the lives of two people affected with scoliosis.
Chamber Foundation
Discover how The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Foundation was established as a community non-profit and how it continues to drive money into towns and business districts, strengthening the Valley’s “Main Streets” and communities along the way.
Episode 3 - Originally Aired: 1/27/2013
Allentown, Navigate a Grocery Store, Training for a 5K
Take a closer look at Allentown with The PEAK TV, learn how to shop healthy and smart at your local grocery store and get ready to run a 5K with St. Luke's John Graham!

Episode 3 Segments
Allentown is in the middle of a renaissance and The PEAK has all the details! Join On Every Main Street’s host Frank Facchiano as he sits down with Allentown mayor, Ed Pawlowski, for a conversation about the revitalization of his town and a look to the future.
Navigate a Grocery Store
How many times have you traveled to the grocery store and returned home with more than you planned for or with too much junk food? The PEAK host, Ashley Russo, follows St. Luke’s nutritionist, Judith Barkanic, around our local Giant Food Store and discusses how to prepare for and shop smart and healthy.
Training for a 5K
Now is the time to begin training for a spring 5K. Take the first steps with The PEAK’s video editor, Katie Wallace and her St. Luke’s trainer, John Graham - learn the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of a “desk chair” to 5K exercise program!