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Episode 12 - Originally Aired: 12/15/2013
Amanda's Story, Behind the Seams, United Way Community Schools
Follow one young woman’s journey as she battles breast cancer with a positive attitude… discover interesting tales with some local traveling pants… and see how area schools are succeeding with the involvement of the community!

Episode 12 Segments
Amanda's Story
Amanda has come face-to-face with many challenges from living with breast cancer and this brave young woman isn’t letting a diagnosis ruin her amazing attitude and positive outlook on life. Dr. Lee Riley, Chief of Surgical Oncology at St. Luke’s University Health Network joins us to talk about the various testing, screening and treatment options available upon a breast cancer diagnosis.
Behind the Seams
Have you ever walked into a consignment shop and wondered who wore the clothes before you? Behind the Seams is a company that’s settling curiosities by letting gently used clothes speak for themselves! It’s a real-life Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – check it out!
United Way Community Schools
It has been shown that it takes a village to educate our children! Jill Pereira, Director of Community Schools for the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley shows us how community support and partnership can be essential for optimizing educational opportunities, safety and health for local youth!
Episode 11 - Originally Aired: 12/8/2013
Small Business Council, Racing Doctor, Fresh Air Fund
Learn more about the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber’s Small Business Council… discover how a local doctor stays centered with the help of racecars… and watch as inner city youth have a chance to breathe the fresh air of the countryside!

Episode 11 Segments
Small Business Council
The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber’s Small Business Council provides services and opportunities to business owners that help them become more successful in the community. Kate Falasca, owner of Sophistikate in Bethlehem, PA, uses the group’s guidance to grow her business in the Valley.
Racing Doctor
Everyone needs to relax and unwind after a long day…. but for some, that involves revving up! Meet Dr. William Burfeind, cardiologist and thoracic surgeon at St Luke’s University Health Network, who maintains his balance by pushing the pedal to the metal!
Fresh Air Fund
The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that has been providing enriching, summer experiences for New York City youth since 1877. Chris Stromski, a physician at St Luke’s University Health Network, and his wife are just one of the many host-families who have opened their homes and backyards for a fun and memorable summer experiences!
Episode 10 - Originally Aired: 12/1/2013
Women's Health, The Freddy Awards, Women's 5K Classic
Follow one woman’s journey in the fight against gynecologic cancer… catch a “behind the scenes” look as a grand theatre in eastern PA rewards high school students for their excellence and talent… and learn about a race that raises awareness and money for female health and keeps the funds close to home.

Episode 10 Segments
Women's Health
Luz is battling gynecologic cancer and the brave war she is waging makes everyone around her join the fight! Dr. Nicholas Taylor of St. Luke’s Cancer Care Specialists offers highly personalized attention to patients along with preventative tools for their families.
The Freddy Awards
Every year, high school students across the country perform in their school’s musical productions that deserve high praise! Get a “behind the scenes” look at how the State Theatre in Easton, Pennsylvania showcases the incredible musical talent at local high schools!
Women's 5K Classic
For 21 years, the Women’s 5K Classic has been held to encourage women’s fitness, raise awareness of women’s cancer and health, contribute to funding, and support women with female cancers and their families. Don’t miss this encouraging story of support, hope and community.
Episode 9 - Originally Aired: 11/24/2013
St. Luke's Hospitalist, A Day of Pampering, Literacy Center
In this ever-changing world of health care, find out what St. Luke’s University Health Network is doing to ensure a patient’s quality of care is never compromised… take some time at a local spa to feel good about yourself … and learn about a group advancing literacy and English skills to those in need.

Episode 9 Segments
St. Luke's Hospitalist
Being admitted to the hospital is a stressful event. Learn how St Luke’s University Health Network is improving the experience and elevating patient care through their Internal Medicine Hospitalist Services.
A Day of Pampering
There are so many benefits that feeling good inside and out can bring to your mind, body and soul. Try restoring balance in life with a day of relaxation and pampering at American Hairlines’ 15,500 square feet of self-esteem!
Literacy Center
Regrettably, one in five adults in the U.S. read at or below a fifth grade level. In Eastern PA, The Literacy Center’s mission is to help those in need achieve English and literacy skills needed to succeed!