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Episode 8 - Originally Aired: 11/17/2013
Women's Business Council, Steel Hawks, Day of Caring
Join us as we learn more about how a local organization is empowering area women…. spend some time with the region’s arena football league…. and see what happens when employees from local corporations join together in support of local non-profits.

Episode 8 Segments
Women's Business Council
Chambers of Commerce across the U.S. supply members with the tools necessary to compete and succeed. Discover how aligning with others, sharing experiences and offering support makes the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council a true example of success and empowerment!
Steel Hawks
Ever get that itch for football after the college and pro seasons end? Fear not, gridiron fans... arena football is coming to an indoor stadium near you! In Eastern Pennsylvania, the Steelhawks keep fans in the stands, and the orthopedic doctors, sports medicine specialists and athletic trainers from St Luke’s University Health Network keep players on the field!
Day of Caring
Each year, the United Way brings together volunteers for a single, very unique day to raise awareness to the needs in the community. It sends a powerful message and changes lives. In the Greater Lehigh Valley, 57 businesses and 732 volunteers offered support, equaling $80,000 worth of donated time – watch to see the difference that ONE day can make!
Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 11/10/2013
Cystic Fibrosis, City Center, Historic Bethlehem
Follow the story of a young man battling Cystic Fibrosis and his charge to find a cure, get an insider’s view of a downtown revitalization project that is changing the economy of one Pennsylvania town, and find out why historic preservation is vitally important in every town, USA.

Episode 7 Segments
Cystic Fibrosis
Trey is young, energetic high school kid living with Cystic Fibrosis. Discover the reality of the disease and the commitment of family and friends who join the cause to find a cure. St Luke’s University Health Network’s physician, Dr. Bonnie Coyle, offers timely information about the condition and it’s treatment.
City Center
Not many cities in America are going through the amazing and robust transformation that downtown Allentown is experiencing. Get an insider’s view of the progress and plans for this big city center revitalization that’s creating jobs and economic growth!
Historic Bethlehem
Preserving national historical sites is important, but what about the history right in your hometown? Celebrate your community’s rich heritage and watch as Historic Bethlehem Partnership brings history to life!
Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 10/27/2013
Pediatric Allergies, Living With Parkinson's, Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley
Follow a young boy’s journey to accurate allergy diagnosis and relief, meet a businessman who is not allowing a dramatic medical diagnosis to slow him down, and learn about a volunteer organization that facilitates, what else? Volunteering!

Episode 6 Segments
Pediatric Allergies
Sneezing, coughing, runny nose…how do you know if your child is suffering from the common cold or maybe something more? Follow a young boy’s journey to accurate allergy diagnosis and relief with St. Luke's University Health Network.
Living With Parkinson's
Meet Steve, an active, energetic man living with Parkinson’s disease. With the help of St Luke’s University Health Network’s Neurology Associates, this life-altering diagnosis isn’t getting in the way of living an ordinary, positive life!
Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley
The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley, like so many others nationwide, facilitates giving back and lending a hand while helping to organize local groups to bigger and better outcomes! 
Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 10/20/2013
The Gift of Life, Roller Derby, Perfect Fit
Get a first hand account of the personal pain and joy of organ donation decisions, a look at the growing sport of Women’s Roller Derby; and a non-profit helping women nail job interviews with polish and finesse!

Episode 5 Segments
The Gift of Life
Organ donation is an extremely difficult and private decision often left to the grieving family. Meet one local woman who faced this ultimate decision by offering the gift of life to others through St Luke’s University Health Network’s winning donor program.
Roller Derby
Roller Derby may sound like a blast from the past, but this female dominated sport is sure to get you up and on your feet! Watch how a group of women rule the track through this competitive and fun sport through Two Rivers Roller Derby.
Perfect Fit
The Perfect Fit is a local non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women entering the workforce. By providing clothing and job assistance, this program is sure to instill confidence, raise self-esteem and enhance a woman’s ability to succeed.