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Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 4/19/2015
Women's Health Therapy, Community Services for Children- 50 Years of Head Start, United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Emergency Services
On this week’s PEAK TV, learn how physical therapy can be beneficial for more than acute injuries, discover an education program celebrating 50 years of success, and explore emergency services provided by and coordinated through United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley!

Episode 7 Segments
Women's Health Therapy
Physical therapy isn’t just for injury recovery – PT can help improve and maintain health in many areas! Women’s Health Therapists, Allison Brewer and Julie Spencer from St. Luke’s University Health Network, tell us about the benefits of physical therapy for common ailments.
Community Services for Children - 50 Years of Head Start
Head Start has successfully provided high quality preschool education for 50 years! Implemented at its beginning in the Lehigh Valley, and coordinated by Community Services for Children, Head Start helps children develop the skills necessary for kindergarten and beyond.
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Emergency Services
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley understands the importance of emergency services when they’re needed most. From disaster response and relief to support for violence and crisis intervention, United Way provides and coordinates the help needed in our community. David Lewis, President of United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, joins us in studio to discuss the positive impact of collaboration.
Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 4/12/2015
Pediatric Care, GLVCC Economic Outlook, Muhlenberg College Community Engagement
On this week's The PEAK TV, discover the benefit of using a pediatrician for your child's care, learn how the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce's annual forecasthelps local businesses, and watch as college students takes an active role helping others in their community!

Episode 6 Segments
Pediatric Care
Pediatricians devote themselves to the unique needs of your growing child. Learn about the benefits of pediatric care from St. Luke’s University Health Network pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Gibson, and Chief of Pediatrics, Dr. Jennifer Janco.
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce - Economic Outlook
The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce is determined to keep businesses up to date on economic trends. Learn the importance of companies tracking their global and local economic forecasts.
Muhlenberg College - Community Engagement
Muhlenberg College is connecting students to theirneighborhood through volunteering.Beth Halpern, Director of Community Service at the college, visits with us in-studio to tell us more about the benefits to the students and those they are helping.
Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 3/29/2015
Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Adams Outdoor Advertising, Catholic Charities
Follow the story of a woman who beat ovarian cancer, explore the power of outdoor advertising, and discover a charity that, despite its name, gives help to anyone who needs it.

Episode 5 Segments
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Ovarian cancer accounts for about 3% of cancers among women, but it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.  Hear Janice's story and meet Dr. of St Luke's University Health Network whose treatment led to remission. Dr. Israel Zighelboim joins us in studio to discuss the measures every woman should take for their own  health.  
Adams Outdoor Advertising
It’s not your mother’s billboard…Adams Outdoor Advertising is proving that outdoor advertising is a very powerful medium.
Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities is provides help to anyone in the community regardless of religious affiliation.
Episode 4 - Originally Aired: 3/8/2015
Center for Positive Aging, Sigal Museum, Bethlehem's Mounted Police

Discover a hospital committed to best practices for senior care, visit a leading institution of local history, and learn about a unique unit adding another dimension to law enforcement in the community!

Episode 4 Segments
St. Luke's Center for Positive Aging
Senior patients have individual challenges and needs… as do their caregivers! St. Luke’s University Health Network has made a commitment to comprehensive senior care with the Center for Positive Aging. Director of Senior Care Services, Anne Grogan, visits in-studio to tell us more about the importance of inclusive care for aging patients.
Sigal Museum
Museum programs and interactive exhibits are great for the whole family to learn about different cultures. The Sigal Museum is energizing new generations about Eastern Pennsylvania’s rich history!
Bethlehem Mounted Police
The City of Bethlehem has included mounted police as an important part of their law enforcement team and the horses have been a positive influence in the community! Bethlehem Mayor, Robert Donchez, joins us in-studio to share his thoughts on the distinctive police force and to talk more about the growth of the area.