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Episode 8 - Originally Aired: 11/22/2015
Field of Dreams, Bob-B-Q, A Healthy Foundation

On this week’s show, find out how one organization turns a field of dreams into a field of miracles, visit a food truck serving up some serious barbecue, explore how St. Luke’s is making an impact in schools, and Emily meets a couple dedicated to supporting families in need.

Episode 8 Segments
Field of Dreams

For almost a decade, Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley has been devoted to creating a joyful atmosphere for children with special needs and other disabilities. Learn how participating in sports brings smiles to all involved!


Serving a summertime classic, Bob-B-Q food truck dishes out quality, tasty cuisine at convenient locations. Host Mike Mittman takes us curbside with Bob-B-Q to learn more about this increasingly popular trend.

A Healthy Foundation

St. Luke's University Health Network is committed to the health of our community. Working with local schools allows their mission to benefit residents of all ages! Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, Cheif Academic Officer at St. Luke's, joins us in-studio to discuss the health network's own educational opportunities and their value to the region.

Volunteer Spotlight – The Hankee Family

In memory of their daughter, Krysta, Bill and Chris Hankee have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the community.

Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 11/15/2015
More Than a Club, Greenmouth Juice Bar & Cafe, Follow the Tomato

On this week’s show, an organization inspiring kids to reach their full potential, a café & juice bar putting its own twist on organic, learn how United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley supports farm to table initiatives, and Emily meets a volunteer remarkably dedicated to the service of others.


Episode 7 Segments
More Than a Club

There's a special, safe place for kids that is more than its name suggests. Boys and Girls Club of Allentown offers support, reinforcement and a lot of extra fun!

Greenmouth Juice Bar & Cafe

Greenmouth Juice Bar & Café has healthy food choices using only organic and locally grown harvests. Join host Ashley Russo as she tours the restaurant and enjoys delicious treats with a healthy kick!

Follow the Tomato
Ensuring that seniors have access to fresh, healthy food is the goal of Northampton County Meals on Wheels' Better Fresh Project. United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley supports the program and Cori Rolon, Director of Healthy Aging at United Way, joins us in-studio to discuss the initiative.
Volunteer Spotlight - Louisa Schrantz

Meet a 94-year-old St. Luke's University Health Network volunteer who thrives on helping others.

Episode 6 - Originally Aired: 11/8/2015
Building Hope, The Chamber, A Matter of Balance
On this week’s show, take a look at an organization opening doors for families, go behind the scenes at the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, explore a program helping older adults stay safe at home, and Emily meets a volunteer dedicated to changing the way people view the world. 

Episode 6 Segments
Building Hope

Finding affordable housing is a struggle for many people in our community. Learn how Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley provides support by rehabing homes for hardworking families.

The Chamber


A Matter of Balance

Keeping seniors physically active and safe is the goal of the St. Luke University Health Network's Matter of Balance program. Injury Prevention Specialists move around the community educating older adults on fall prevention and ways to lead healthier lives. Anne Grogan, Director of Senior Care Services, joins us in-studio to discuss St. Luke's dedication to positive aging.

Volunteer Spotlight - Ron Blaufarb

Emily discovers what motivates volunteer, Ron Blaufarb, to give back and support Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Eye Bank

Episode 5 - Originally Aired: 10/25/2015
Mary's Shelter, Give a Little to Get a Lot, A History of Care

Take a look at a group providing special care to moms and newborns, watch The PEAK TV team as we support area kids, learn about an institution delivering superior care for over a century, and Emily meets an inspiring fundraiser!

Episode 5 Segments
Mary's Shelter

Experiencing pregnancy without a proper support system can have a contrary effect on the lives of both mother and child. Mary’s Shelter is a maternity home offering pregnant women and newborns a safe, warm environment. Discover the importance of Mary’s Shelter and the services it offers to those in need!

Give a Little to Get a Lot

The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley initiated community service projects through corporate teams, and The PEAK TV couldn’t wait to get involved! Go behind the scenes as our team works to collect donations for another great team – Community Bike Works!

A History of Care

St. Luke's University Health Network one was of the early providers of care in the Lehigh Valley. 140 years later, St. Luke's is still helping those in medical need. President of St. Luke's University Health Network, Rick Anderson, Bethlehem mayor, Bob Donchez, and Dr. Charles Saunders narrate the history of the organization.

Volunteer Spotlight - Anne Giglio
Meet a successful fundraiser for LLS.