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Episode 10 - Originally Aired: 5/22/2016
Leaders of Tomorrow, Great Candy Isn't Just Made, Hybrid Ablation
On this week's episode, we'll take a look at one of the largest youth organizations for boys, Ashley goes behind the scenes of one of the sweetest places in Bethlehem, and we'll learn about a groundbreaking procedure that saved a man's life. Plus, Emily meets up with a volunteer staying active in the community, and Lehigh Valley Style's Pam Deller teaches us how to manage kitchen clutter!

Episode 10 Segments
Leaders of Tomorrow
Boy Scouts proves that kind actions really are contagious! The Scout program not only embraces the willingness to help others and to get involved, but it also helps to mold attitudes, create confidence, and provide individuals with the skills they need to become better citizens and thrive in today's competitive world.
Great Candy Isn't Just Made
Ever wondered what went into making the cute little Peeps we're all so familiar with? Host, Ashley Russo, got a chance to experience it firsthand - and it was pretty sweet.

Hybrid Ablation
Heart surgery can be scary for anyone. Thanks to St. Luke's advanced technology and team of experts, one man's life has been changed for the better.
Ron Horiszny
Volunteer Ron Horiszny spends his time educating the community of all the beauty that the Lehigh Valley has to offer.
Episode 9 - Originally Aired: 5/15/2016
Tucker's Toy Run, The Power of Mentors, Running a Campaign
On this week's episode, we'll take a look at an organization bringing joy to children who need it the most, explore the benefits of mentors for high school students, and see how United Way is bringing the community together in amazing ways. Plus, Emily meets up with a volunteer dedicated to giving back to the community. 

Episode 9 Segments
Tucker's Toy Run
Tucker's Toy Run not only memorializes and honors the life of Tucker Stuart, but also facilitates a great cause that brings joy to the children of the St. Luke's Pediatric Unit. This isn't your average motorcycle run!
The Power of Mentors
The CareerLink Academy is a great way for students in the Allentown School District to become exposed to careers and explore their professional interests. In addition to teaching students, St. Luke's mentors dedicate time to give members of the program the confidence and guidance they need to reach their professional goals.

Running a Campaign
United Way campaigns are about bringing people together to support a common goal.
Nickson Ogutu
Meet Nickson, a resident of Kenya, a student at Cedar Crest College, and President of Amnesty International, Cedar Crest Chapter. 
Episode 8 - Originally Aired: 5/8/2016
Council for Collaboration, A Designer's Dream, St. Luke's Physical Therapy
On this week's episode, we'll see how collaboration between non-profits and businesses can benefit the community, we'll explore a group raising money to support art education, learn about advancements in physical therapy for amputees, and Emily meets a couple dedicated to giving back after retirement.

Episode 8 Segments
Council for Collaboration
The Chamber's Nonprofit and Business Partners Council provides businesses and non-profit organizations in the Valley the chance to come together and collaborate on important issues.
A Designer's Dream
Every two years, the Society of the Arts transforms a local home into a designer's dream show house - all to benefit the Allentown Art Museum.

St. Luke's Physical Therapy
As we know, life can be extremely unpredictable. George found that out first-hand when an infection in his bone cost him his leg. Thankfully, St. Luke's University Health Network was there to support him throughout his journey. Dr. Robin Raju joins us in studio to speak more about Physical Medicine at St. Luke's.
The Reichle's
Volunteers Natalie and Frank Reichl dedicate their time after retirement to giving back to others at St. Luke's.
Episode 7 - Originally Aired: 4/17/2016
Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor, "Yes" to the Dress, MitraClip
On this week's show, we'll take a look at an organization pairing animals with veterans, see how one group offers girls the opportunity to find their dream dress, learn about a heart procedure giving patients another chance at a full life, and Emily meets a volunteer leaving a mark on her community.

Episode 7 Segments
Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor
Pairing veterans with rescue dogs, Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor Inc., empowers those suffering from physical and emotional trauma to return to civilian life - with a loyal companion by their side!
"Yes" to the Dress
Not sure what to do with the old dresses in your closet? The YWCA of Bethlehem hosts Prom Dress Day, an annual event held that offers high school students new or gently-used gowns and accessories for the low $10 cost of admission. The bonus? All proceeds benefit the YWCA's initiatives supporting and empowering girls and women in the Lehigh Valley.

After being told nothing could be done to fix his leaky heart valve, Battle of the Bulge veteran, Carl Schroeter, did not give up hope. St. Luke's Chief of Cardiovascular surgery, Dr. Stephen Olenchock, repaired his "unfixable" problem. Dr. Christopher Sarnoski, Interventional Cardiologist and Director of Structural Heart Disease Program at St. Luke's University Health Network joins us in studio to talk about the latest advances.
Joyce Reed-Ebling
Volunteer Joyce Reed-Ebling, along with support from the Salvation Army, works hard to ensure every child has a gift on Christmas.