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Ashley Russo is a true professional. She knows the television business inside-out, and it shows in her stand-out work. Ashley truly understands what makes "good TV," and what kind of stories viewers want to see. She also knows how to execute those stories so they translate well on television and so that they keep the viewer engaged. She is excellent at producing and writing, and she's amazing on camera, so she's been a dream to work with. Her one-of-a-kind show, The PEAK, has combined her talents to bring viewers uplifting television highlighting stories that truly matter to them and could better their lives. Ashley gets an idea, runs with it, and, in no time, the end result is always a product that stands out among the rest.
- Eve Tannery, co-anchor, WFMZ News at Sunrise

The PEAK has brought to life the vibrancy of the Lehigh Valley. Our Valley deserves this attention. I love the way The PEAK and Ashley showcase Lehigh Valley residents helping to improve our community through their volunteer efforts. Understanding how sophisticated our medical care is and the medical advances that are occurring here in the Valley has also been an important service to The PEAK viewers. Keep it up.
- Dr. Marc Granson, Chief of Surgery, St. Luke's University Health Network

I've lived in Quakertown for 10 years and still feel like I'm new to the area..thats why I love your show so much, I've learned about the area and stuff I'm so close to and didn't even realize..I have also been a St. Lukes employee also for 10 yrs..I DVR the show and watch every week and tell others about it, I even wish it was longer than 30 minutes, because its so short when you skip commercials..!!..I wish you the best!..Nice touch with the bloopers at the end too..
- Jennifer Samsel, PEAK viewer, Quakertown, PA

It was a pleasure working with everyone from The Peak TV! The Women's Business Council very much appreciates the exposure and positive press you have given us. Our mission statement is: Empower, recognize and inspire women in business and the community in the Lehigh Valley; with your help we will be able to reach out to even more women in business and let them know what a great organization the WBC is. One of our key initiatives is partnerships and this has been a great one with The Peak! Thanks again!
- Darlene Pors, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Women's Business Council